When things go wrong, we start to really pay attention. If you’re in the staffing industry, or any sales position for that matter, Q1 2009 hasn’t been easy and possibly a bit humbling.

It reminds me of playing college basketball. Sometimes it took a losing first half and a reaming from our coach to make adjustments and attack our competition in the second half.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, regardless of your occupation, it’s time to hit the locker room and re-group. Bottom line, what was working before IS NOT working now. We can’t continue to do the same things in a different economy and making adjustments to our work patterns is vital to our continued successes.


basketball2Our staff at CreativeSourcing recently attended a sales training session hosted by Scott Love, expert in business human behavior and game theory. Love uses his expertise to teach managers and sales people all over the world how to win in the game of business.

In relation to my last post, he spoke about exploiting our advantages and values and being BETTER than our competitors. Love says he believes we only have to be 1% better than our competitors. He compares it to a racehorse. “The difference between the one and two horse may only be an inch, but its a million dollar difference in pay”

It makes sense. Our competition, whatever that may be, is what stands between you and the win. By being 1% better from now on, could mean the difference between how many WINS we have this year.


cassette02Love says that 50% of our success comes from our thoughts. The other 50% is a combination of strategy, work habits and tactics. At CreativeSourcing, we use the term PMA, or positive mental attitude.

There are many theories behind how our thoughts influence our outcomes. Some are more extreme than others, but for the most part the central theme is the same.

I’m not saying run out and purchase a motivational cassette tape to play on the way to work. I’m the first one to admit its hard to stay positive when you continue to get hit, but its part of the game. If you’re in the game, you have to believe it will get better.