• Why do you believe you are qualified for this position?
  • Have you ever accomplished something you didn’t think you could?
  • What do you like/dislike most about your current position?
  • How do you handle pressure? Do you like or dislike these situations?
  • The sign of a good employee is the ability to take the initiative. Can you describe situations like this about yourself?
  • What’s the worst or more embarrassing aspect of your business career? How would you have done things differently now with 20/20 hindsight?
  • How have you grown or changed over the past few years?
  • What do you consider your most significant strengths?
  • What do you consider your most significant weaknesses?
  • Deadlines, frustrations, difficult people, and silly rules can make a job difficult. How do you handle these types of situations?
  • One of our biggest problems is… what has been your experience with this? How would you deal with it?
  • How has your technical ability been important in accomplishing results?
  • How would you handle a situation with tight deadlines, low employee morale, and inadequate resources?
  • Are you satisfied with your career to date? What would you change if you could?
  • What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself five years from now? Ten years?
  • Why should we hire you for this position? What kind of contribution would you make?

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