I recently asked job seekers and hiring managers their thoughts about job boards and if they were or weren’t effective in their search.  The results were interesting.   Of those I spoke with, no one is completely satisfied with just using the job boards to find qualified jobs or candidates. In fact, some of the large job boards have become a nuisance to users.

Job Seeker Jimmy

One candidate I spoke with was recently laid off from his company due to the financial downturn.  His first inclination was to put his resume on a major job board.   When I asked him about the results he was less than pleased.  “Between calls from financial service companies and 100% commission jobs, I can’t decipher the difference between what jobs are worth it and which ones are just scams.  It’s a little overwhelming.”

You may ask how can a job board overwhelm you?   Well, when you have your cell phone number on your resume, you’ll be receiving calls morning, noon and night from all types of companies.   I’m finding, as a recruiter, a more effective way to reach candidates during the day is by making one call explaining in detail the purpose my call and what I have to offer.  I then follow up with an email containing my contact info.  If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of phone calls you receive, maybe utilizing only your email address may be an option for you.  Sometimes emails are easier to filter through.

Manager Matt

I also found hiring managers are also having issues with the job boards.  A current client of mine, we’ll call him Matt, is utilizing the job boards in his search for a marketing candidate.  He recently posted an ad on both Careerbuilder and Monster. I asked him about the results:

Matt:”I can’t believe the amount of resumes I’m receiving! I mean, literally, dozens every hour!”

Me: “So that’s a good thing, right?”

Matt: “It would be a good thing if I had the time to go through these resumes! Or if even half of them were qualified!!”

Me: (smiling) “Well that’s why you should leave that up to me.”

He laughed, but all marketing efforts aside here, this is a problem that many hiring managers face.  The unemployment rate is sky high and everyone is applying to positions, whether they’re qualified or not!  The question is how much time do managers have in a day to sort through dozens, maybe hundreds of resumes per day? How much time is it taking away from what they should be focusing on?  In sales, time is money.

Recruiter Maggie

I can’t say I’ve used the job board much lately.  Everyone has access to the boards and quite frankly, I feel like they’ve lost their glitz and glamor. Great commercials, but not so much value anymore.  Not to employers, or job seekers.

Times have changed, and I believe job boards are a resource for information, not a suitable means of finding a new job or employee.  It’s just not that easy.   The old adage holds true for job seekers “Finding a job is a full time job”.   Try networking, finding a niche recruiter, checking with your alma maters career services.  Anything that will separate you from the multitude of resumes companies are receiving.