We put the pieces of the puzzle together. We recruit sales professionals and make sure all the pieces fit together. We specialize in Chicago sales recruitment and always solve the puzzle.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack


Finding the right employee can feel as though you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. We’re known for pinpointing that qualified and interested candidate you’re looking to hire. We’ve saved many man hours and search costs for our clients. Our clients know they can count on CreativeSourcing.

Typical positions we recruit for include: Account Managers, Sales Representatives, Account Executives, New Business Development Managers, Territory Representatives, Sales Managers,  Directors of Sales and National Sales Managers.

Why We’re Unique?

We strive to top grade your sales force.  We can improve the quality of sales talent, tap into the passive job market, or quickly produce a candidate pool. We are an extension of your hiring team, providing top and tough-to-find sales talent. More specifically, we will help increase your revenue, improve your sales numbers, and enhance your reputation within your marketplace.

CreativeSourcing is best known for offering consistent, thorough and dedicated attention to locating, screening and qualifying the best candidates.

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Hire A Sales Pro

If you’re looking for a Sales Professional to increase your ROI, send us your job opening and we’ll bring you the best possible candidates for your specific search. Our strengths include:

  • Targeted Needs-Based Searches
  • Utilizing a Consultative Approach
  • Streamlining the Search Process
  • Committed to Excellence


Looking for a job in Business Development or Sales? Send us your resume and we’ll match it to the jobs we hold in our extensive database of Sales and Business Development positions.