Chicago Sales recruiters

Looking for a Sales job in the Chicago area? Send us your resume and we’ll match it up to the job in our extensive database for the top sales and business development positions.

Our recruiters will counsel you on every aspect of your Chicago Sales or Business Development job search in the Chicago area.  We strive to help coach our candidates and provide expert evaluation when searching for a great sales career. That commitment gives you the opportunity to be fully prepared to make the best decision for your career.

The typical positions we recruit for include: Account Managers, Sales Representatives, Account Executives, New Business Development Managers, Territory Representatives, Sales Managers,  Directors of Sales and National Sales Managers.

Our clients are companies with solid growth records and excellent career opportunities. The fee is always paid by the employer so we are expected to locate and evaluate the strongest candidates within our market areas. They expect us to separate the average from those who excel in their fields.

If you’re looking for a news sales job in the Chicago area submit your resume to one of our sales roles..

Hire A Sales Pro

If you’re looking for a Sales Professional to increase your ROI, send us your job opening and we’ll bring you the best possible candidates for your specific search. Our strengths include:

  • Targeted Needs-Based Searches
  • Utilizing a Consultative Approach
  • Streamlining the Search Process
  • Committed to Excellence


Looking for a job in Business Development or Sales? Send us your resume and we’ll match it to the jobs we hold in our extensive database of Sales and Business Development positions.