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The Art of Saying “No”

As Sales Recruiters in Chicago, we hear the word "No" quite a bit.  That's just a natural part of working in Sales. But, let’s be honest here, saying no to someone you have no relation to or someone you don’t necessarily like is an easy thing to do.  Like a...

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The 1,2,3 on Resume Gaps

Whatever the reason may be, many of us take time off work.  Sometimes it's voluntary and especially in this economy,  its involuntary.  Between jobs it can take time to find something new which inevitably leaves resume gaps.  In the last year I've seen resume gaps...

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Be a Part of the Green Shoots

Green shoots peek through state's economic frost Illinois companies embark on comeback, as Illinois' growth trails the nation's For Cary McMillan, CEO of True Partners Consulting LLC (tax advisory firm), one signal of a strengthening economy in the past year came with...

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Step 3: Sample Questions to Ask

What are the responsibilities of this position? And which are the most important? What are the most critical aspects of this position? What are the most important objectives for the person filling the position? What results are expected of this position? What are the...

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