We put the pieces of the puzzle together. We recruit sales professionals and make sure all the pieces fit together. We specialize in Chicago sales recruitment and always solve the puzzle.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack


Finding the perfect employee can feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. We are known for pinpointing that qualified and interested candidate you’re looking to hire. We save labor hours and recruitment costs for our clients. Our clients can always count on CreativeSourcing. We are a full service supply chain recruitment firm that delivers results. Our process is detailed oriented and thorough. We don’t bombard our clients with resumes. We source the top talent to fit your needs.

When hiring, making the wrong decision can be costly. It takes time to define needs and assess talent. In most cases the time and energy necessary to make the right decision is not always available. And most importantly managers may not be able to effectively develop and implement a successful sales hiring strategy. CreativeSourcing delivers a complete package of consulting providing additional value to our partners ultimately driving results and increasing your success rate.

Do you…

  • Have a good understanding of what is needed in your next hire?
  • Target the correct candidates with the desired skill set and attitude to meet your needs?
  • Have a network of professionals to tap?
  • Have the time to filter and assess top talent?

At CreativeSourcing, we guide you every step of the way ultimately reducing risk, lowering cost and compressing the timeline of delivering the right talent to your organization. Although our clients are our customers, most of them think of us as a partner in their organization. We do not find people jobs, CreativeSourcing is in the business of finding you the best candidate to fill your specialized need.

Why Are We Different?

We provide candidates you want find through traditional advertising. We locate and contact professionals who are interested in investigating new employment opportunities yet are not inclined to respond to advertisements. CreativeSourcing is best known for offering consistent, thorough and dedicated attention to locating, screening and qualifying the best candidates.

Hire A NEW Pro

If you’re looking for a Supply Chain Professional to fill your specific need, send us your job opening and we’ll bring you the best possible candidates for your specific search. Our strengths include:

  • Targeted Needs-Based Searches
  • Utilizing a Consultative Approach
  • Streamlining the Search Process
  • Committed to Excellence


Looking for a job in Supply Chain? Send us your resume and we’ll match it to the jobs we hold in our database. Our Supply Chain Recruiters recruiters will counsel you on every aspect of the hiring process with our clients.