Our Strength is Built in the Strength of our Partnerships

Client Testimonials

We like to think we’ve done a great job for our clients, but don’t take our word for it:

“CreativeSourcing does a great job in learning the company’s culture and what makes a person successful at the company. They target the search and send top notch talent.”

– Director of Human Resources, Tier One Automotive Supplier

“CreativeSourcing begins by completely understanding your needs and the organizations. They then use their extensive network to find the best candidates. CreativeSourcing enters into a business relationship with you for the long term. The process is thorough and has repeatedly saved me the tremendous effort required to find and qualify the best candidates. Finally, in an industry which has its share of unscrupulous players, CreativeSourcing has NEVER compromised their integrity with me or a candidate.”

– VP of Supply Chain, Fortune 500 Manufacturer

“CreativeSourcing takes the time to truly listen to our wants and needs. They are very supportive in finding us the exact match that is a perfect fit.”

– Human Resources Manager, Plastics/Adhesives Manufacturer

“Over the past two years CreativeSourcing has become a true partner when it comes to hiring sales professionals at our company. They have taken the time to figure out what makes a successful salesperson at our company and have done their best to go into the marketplace and find us those exact people. I would recommend every company who is looking for top sales professionals give CreativeSourcing a call.”

– Recruiting Manager, Packaging and Facilities Corporation

“CreativeSourcing has taken the time to truly understand the type of candidate we want to add to our team and they move at a speed that most recruiter firms cannot compete with. The diligence in their search allows our hiring managers to be more efficient and effective in their recruiting efforts while placing the sharpest candidates possible.

– District Manager, Major Overnight Shipping Company

“CreativeSourcing knows more about what we are looking for in a person than we do. Their expertise in finding the best fit has helped leverage our company beyond the competition.”

– Director, Boutique Services Firm

“CreativeSourcing consistently delivers candidates and service at levels unmatched by any other recruitment firm.”

– Recruitment Manager, Fortune 500 Print and Online Publisher

“CreativeSourcing is great to conduct business with. They deliver on their commitments and offer excellent solutions. They take the time to get to know you, your business and what your needs are. The recommendations they make are as a result of their genuine want to help you and your organization. CreativeSourcing has made me look good on more than one occasion. As a result of the talented people who have joined our organization, we use CreativeSourcing on an exclusive basis. I would work with CreativeSourcing any time, any place. CreativeSourcing provides great results and value.”

– Director of Strategic Alliances, Chicago IT Staffing Firm

“CreativeSourcing stands out in the very competitive recruitment arena! They took the time to understand what was important to me and then worked tirelessly until they filled our position. Finding a good recruiting firm is hard to find, but finding a great one is almost impossible… CreativeSourcing is great!”

– Director, Chicago Software Sales Company


Hire A NEW Pro

If you’re looking for a Supply Chain Professional to fill your specific need, send us your job opening and we’ll bring you the best possible candidates for your specific search. Our strengths include:

  • Targeted Needs-Based Searches
  • Utilizing a Consultative Approach
  • Streamlining the Search Process
  • Committed to Excellence


Looking for a job in Supply Chain? Send us your resume and we’ll match it to the jobs we hold in our database. Our Supply Chain Recruiters will counsel you on every aspect of the hiring process with our clients.