Interview Tips

  • Know where you are going and how long it will take you to get there. Get there 10 minutes early (feeling rushed will only add stress and you want to be relaxed, and confident).
  • If given an application fill it out completely and don’t leave any blanks!
  • Dress professionally, first impressions count for a lot.
  • The right mental attitude is important! (Go for the offer – show your personality, do the best you can, if you get the offer you have control!)
  • Review the job description and the company website, nothing is more impressive than a candidate who knows what he wants to do and how he fits into the structure of a company.
  • Try to make the interview structure 50/50 you want to learn as much about them and the position as they learn about your background and skills.
  • Review your resume prior to the interview. Know highlights from your skills and work history that make you a fit for the job. Also note dates and companies, it is important that what you say is consistent with your resume.
  • Make your answers concise, use examples, but don’t be excessive. If they didn’t have something left to ask at the end of the interview, it wasn’t a good interview.
  • Make sure your body language conveys your enthusiasm for the position, good firm handshake, sit up straight, smile, make good eye contact and be attentive to what they have to say.
  • Relax, let your personality and professionalism shine!
  • Sell yourself positively – No negatives! (avoid discussing unpleasant experiences or negative comments). Know what your strengths are and feed off of them.
  • Don’t discuss vacation, bonuses, retirement, etc.
  • Always ask questions about the job and company; this shows your knowledge of the company.
  • Ask for the job!! Be bold, make the interviewer know you want to work there!
  • Answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

Hire A NEW Pro

If you’re looking for a Supply Chain Professional to fill your specific need, send us your job opening and we’ll bring you the best possible candidates for your specific search. Our strengths include:

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