Hiring the Right Sales Person for Your Company Culture

As a top Chicago sales recruiting firm (or so we are told), we are in the business of finding the right employee for your staff. We search out candidates for not only the skill-set you need but the personality fit for your company. Here’s some information that may intrigue you the next time you conduct a job interview.

Creative Brain bookNed Herrmann, author of The Creative Brain discovered that the brain contains the equivalent of what he calls “brain dominant preferences”.  These preferences are natural likes and dislikes. Humans use these preferences to connect with like-minded thinkers.  This is an important factor to understand during a job interview.

Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of The Psychology of Persuasion, discovered that humans will influence each other using 6 basic ways:

  1. Likeability or uncovering similarities and praising a person according to that likeability factor;
  2. Reciprocity or giving what you want to receive;
  3. Social proof which is where people follow the lead of similar others;
  4. Consistency which is where people align themselves with those who demonstrate clear commitments;
  5. Authority which is where people defer to experts;
  6. Scarcity which is where people want more of what they can’t have much of

And it seems that according to our brain dominant preferences, we naturally use these 6 basic ways of social influence during job interviews. Like it or not, when you are looking for the right sales candidate, we look for these ‘right fits’ using ‘what comes natural’ in the brain.

Lauren Rivera, a Northwestern University professor at the Kellogg School of Management recently published results of a hiring study. She interviewed 120 US hiring professionals. These hiring experts revealed that they hire based on the “cultural fit.” They defined “cultural fitting candidates” as those having similar backgrounds, same personal interests and other “self-presentation appeal” as the interviewer. What does that tell you about the validity of Ned Herrmann’s and Robert Cialdini’s research?

Do You Have Chemistry?

But there’s something else that’s thought-provoking about job interviews. Job interviewers also considered ‘chemistry’ between the interviewer, the interviewee and current employees. When candidates don’t pass muster on that, the interviewer disqualified the candidate for the job.

In other words, there’s a lot of emotional connection that occurs in a job interview.

Finding the right candidate can be challenging. We are always on the lookout for the best sales talent in the marketplace. We’ll find the needle in the haystack that not only fits the skills you’re looking for, but be the right “cultural fit”.

Send us your job opening and we’ll make sure the chemistry is right before you meet.