Got talent?

As a top Chicago sales recruiting firm, CreativeSourcing works with many HR managers to provide stellar talent for companies. Keeping this goal in mind, here are some ideas that can help in your recruiting efforts:

  1. Talk with people you think are currently happily employed. It may surprise you to discover they’re open to new opportunities. This can give you a chance to find some highly talented people ready for a change but not responding to advertising.
  2. Don’t always expect the perfect talent to walk through your front door. That means getting out to networking events, job fairs and seminars.
  3. Always be on the look out for hiring the right people. If you wait to hire when a slot comes open, you may miss a chance to top-grade your workforce.
  4. Have a presence where the talent already is. That means advertising in trade journals and publications read by talented people. Get your company in front of the talent, and they will contact you.
  5. Talk with people in a branded community already aligned with your company’s types of talent pool communities. In other words, birds of a feather flock together. Candidates most likely hang around with other people in their trade or profession who could be viable talent for your company. Talk with those people to find candidates most likely to be talented recruits interested in your opportunity.
  6. Rewrite outdated job listings. If you’re attracting a lot of the wrong types of candidates, it may be due to ads containing the wrong type of job descriptors. Update your ads. Remember to include words containing more accurate job specification details.
  7. Write an ad with qualifying terms such as “only apply if” that contains the specific qualifications you seek in a candidate. The more exacting details you include in your ad writing, the better chances you’ll attract highly qualified candidates for that specific job and won’t be inundated with unqualified applicants. In the long run this saves you time, money and resources.
  8. Remember that candidates who rejected a past offer might still be viable candidates for future jobs. Keep in contact with former quality candidates, as new positions come along all the time.

Change is the one constant in life. That applies to job openings as well. As sales recruiters in Chicago, CreativeSourcing is here to help you with that constant when it comes to all your sales recruitment needs. Get in touch today.