As Sales recruiters, we know your first impression is often your last. Even before you open your mouth a potential employer is making judgments about your ability to fill their current opening.

That may not be news to you, but what may surprise you is that some first impressions are made before you show up for the interview. We asked a few of our top Sales Recruiters at CreativeSourcing to put together some tips for making a good first impression.

Social Media Impressions

It has been said that you should never post something on the Internet that you wouldn’t want as a news headline.

But, there are some things you should do to insure a good first impression from your web presence.

Always make sure that your LinkedIn profile is full and complete, including a professional head shot. Use this social network to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Include files of your work in video or PowerPoint format. One of the first places employers go to before determining who they will interview is LinkedIn. Make sure your social media presence leaves a positive, lasting impression.

That includes Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Each one of these sites allows you to customize your privacy settings. Employers are getting savvier at searching through these sites. You don’t want to have a picture you’re “tagged” in prevent you from landing an interview.

Over the Phone Impressions

Any opportunity to speak with a company representative is an opportunity to make an impression. Always be positive, respectful and use good listening techniques. Here are a couple of interesting tips:

  • Stand up during the phone interview. A person who stands while talking exudes more energy and comes across as being more assertive.
  • Have your resume in front of you.
  • Be more inclined to listen. During a phone call, you may have the urge to fill every silence with chatter. Be aware that the interviewer may be using that interval to take notes.

In-Person Impressions

Finally, you passed all of the unspoken tests and landed an interview. You still have a first impression opportunity; a make or break moment.

In a recent infographic on the mistakes candidates make, here are some of the most important facts to learn as based on the survey results of 2,000 employers interviewed:

  • What you wear may be the deciding factor between you and another equally qualified candidate.
  • Only 7% of what you actually say makes an impression on the employer as compared to your grammar, confidence and how you walk and act.
  • 47% of the time candidates have not done any research on the company before hand. In the words of Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman to the sales clerk who’d previously dissed her…”big mistake. Big Mistake!”
  • Your physical demeanor can out shine your words, not your weight or height but the lack of a smile, eye contact, poor posture and bad grammar can turn off employers; sending you packing.

Number One Tip

Make sure you ask for the job at the end of the interview.

The recruiters with CreativeSourcing were surprised by how many employers shared that candidates never asked for the job. Don’t assume the employer knows how you feel. Remember an interview is also the opportunity for you to see if the company and position are a good fit for you. At the end of the interview make sure you express your interest in the position.

Consider talking with a Sales Recruiting professional from CreativeSourcing to learn more about the value of making a great first impression before you go to your interview. Call us on [773] 296-0167, we can help.