As a Sales Manager, do you believe that people purchase goods and services from those they know and trust?

As one of the top Sales Recruitment Agencies in Chicago, we select sales candidates that embrace trustworthiness in their sales philosophy. In the long run, providing companies with trustworthy salespeople gives employers a more valuable sales staff. And current human behavior and sales studies bears this idea out.

According to a September 2009 Ted Talk (above) called How Great Leaders Inspire Action, Simon Sinek shares compelling research showing doing business with others who share your beliefs become your loyal customers. Here at CreativeSourcing, we seek for you to become our loyal customer by allowing us to provide you with superior sales candidates. When we supply high quality sales candidates we know it’s good for ROI!

The Ted Talk research goes on to show that people are “wired” to trust you if you present your message in a manner that engages the trusting part of their brain. We know we must earn your trust. So, we offer informative blog posts to help you in your sales efforts.

Most people working in sales and marketing promote the features and benefits. In other words, they bombard their prospects with what they do and how they do it. This sales approach actually results in lost sales because prospects don’t like to feel sold.

Trying to “sell” a prospect results in mistrust of the sales person.

In reality, features and benefits may contain a great deal of good information based upon logic and reason. But such information does little to promote and build a trusting relationship. Relationships are built upon sharing similar beliefs with each other.

When you reveal a true desire to help a prospect solve a problem, that attitude conveys a similar belief with the prospect. When sales people share their beliefs, they reveal their true purpose behind the prospect using a product or service. This is what builds rapport with a prospect.

Thus, when sales people reveal to a prospect the genuine “why” or the “purpose” for selling to solve the prospect’s needs, a bond is created with the prospect. Connecting through the same beliefs of a prospect forms the basis of trust. Salespeople that genuinely care about solving their prospect’s problems develop a faster prospective customer rapport. Faster rapport can mean quicker and higher sales. By focusing on providing sales candidates that genuinely care about serving a customer’s needs, CreativeSourcing believes we serve you better. And that can mean more profits for you.

What can we do to earn your trust?