What is your process for hiring qualified staff? Do your recruitment efforts follow a simple step-by-step process that satisfies specific criteria for the open position? If so, you can improve time management, boost productivity and reduce office stress while searching for just the right employee.

As Chicago sales recruiters, we’d like to share some ideas with you.

How Does The Company Win When Establishing a Recruitment Process?

Aside from improved time management, what other benefits does a common sense staffing approach provide? The following name a few:

  1. You reduce hiring costs by searching only for qualified candidates
  2. Reduced hiring costs indirectly increases company profits
  3. You reduce frustration for yourself as the HR manager and HR employees by interviewing only pre-qualified employment candidates
  4. You save hiring resources used for the entire staffing process
  5. Having in place a pre-arranged staffing approach shows HR employees you care and respect their time
  6. When employees feel respected, you increase HR department morale and indirectly employee retention rates
  7. You make yourself look more valuable to the company by following an organized plan that gets effective results
  8. All the HR employees work as a team by ‘being on the same page’ for the hiring process
  9. You can easily identify HR employees who know how to follow instructions
  10. Identifying intelligent HR employees is an accurate and efficient way to use human capital
  11. You can create a system by which the staffing process can easily be updated to improve hiring results saving further company time and money
  12. You create emotional security for HR employees – employees who know what to do (instead of guess what to do) feel more secure in their jobs
  13. Secure feeling employees are healthier – well employees improve productivity
  14. Healthy employees submit less insurance claims which further saves the company (especially self-insured companies) even more money

Don’t Go It Alone

Remember the story about the blind people all feeling different parts of an elephant? Each participant offers a different idea of the animal they are identifying.  Consider applying this idea to HR employees when creating and implementing a repeatable, reliable, predictable recruitment process.

Invite valued employees to share their ideas about how to improve your recruitment process.  Publicly acknowledge their ideas.  Give credit where credit is due by ‘proving’ you appreciate them.  Give them comp time off or pay bonuses.  Or, ask them what they’d like to receive in exchange for supporting your company and helping keep it profitable.

An employee reward system can stimulate a favorable word of mouth marketing campaign. Using the different viewpoints can increase cost and time savings in addition to increasing employee retention rates.

Use Quality Resources

What if you need help finding a qualified hiring candidate? Or, what if you only need part-time employees?  Investing in a qualified recruitment agency’s services saves you time and money in the long run.  These professionals stay up-to-date on the most efficient hiring methods to find you the best employee for your recruitment needs.

We are here to answer your recruitment questions. We’re pleased to serve you!

At CreativeSourcing, a Sales Recruiting firm in Chicago, we work with our clients to understand the company culture, expectations and skills sets necessary to ensure that each new candidate is the best fit for your “A” level sales team. We can help to establish that “top down” view within an efficient time window.