As a Sales Manager, you have sales quotas to fill. Sales staff who successfully cold call will keep your company profitable and make your job secure.

As one of the most trusted sales recruiting firms in Chicago, we know that our candidates enthusiastically embrace cold calling.  This “must have” skill uniquely qualifies them as viable candidates for your company’s sales team.  But not everybody makes a good salesperson. It takes a unique, disciplined, and thick-skinned individual to do the task.

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Embrace old school cold calling

Cold calling is a task many sales people dread doing. Why does cold calling strike such fear into the hearts and minds of sales people? The fear of being rejected is a common reason.   And what could reduce sales rejection?  It may be in the sales approach.

An Engaging Sales Mindset

People buy from those they know and trust. For this reason, a relationship marketing mindset can be an exceptional cold calling foundation.  This marketing mindset focuses on developing a ‘problem solving’ before ‘selling’ sales approach.

“Problem solver first’ before an “I’m here to meet a sales quota” mindset means sales people focus on helping prospects first instead of selling first.  Nobody likes to be sold. That’s why creating an “I genuinely care about helping you” prospect relationship works well in today’s sales environment.  Being known as a friendly problem solver increases sales conversion rates, reduces sales resistance and reduce sales people being rejected by prospects.

Establish a Long Term, Meaningful Prospect/Customer Relationship

During cold calling, a prospect may initially see a sales person as an unwanted stranger.  Sales people can diffuse the ‘stranger’ persona by developing a genuinely caring relationship with the prospect.

In relationship marketing, the savvy sales person uses the initial cold call to introduce him/herself to the prospect.  Yes, this may initially slow the sales cycle.  But wouldn’t you rather have a long-term, repeat customer than a one-time sale with no possibility of referrals?

Connect With the Gatekeeper

Most likely your initial contact will be with an administrative assistant or other gatekeeper. Start your relationship marketing connections with that person first.

Think about Dr. Thomas L. Garthwaite, Under Secretary for Health’s famous quote when connecting with the gatekeeper:

“People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

Courteously including the gatekeeper in your relationship marketing process, you show your intention to build a meaningful business relationship with the company.

By creating an ally with the gatekeeper, you can uncover a lot of company information.  Use this data so you can align your sales goals with their mission, issues and problems.  Promote your solution to really solve the prospect’s problems. Selling a solution to a problem is easy, especially if you are selling it to a friend.

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