5 Reasons for Using a Professional Recruitment Firm

The Internet has changed the job search process just over the last 5 years. Sites like Monster, LinkedIn and Indeed offer listings of positions by location, skill requirements and experience. However, are those sites really showing you all the best available career opportunities?

Consumers do business with people, not companies, and the same is true for the recruitment process. Finding the right person for the right job at the right time requires human intervention.  It can still come down to who you know — and even more importantly, who knows you.

Connecting with a professional recruitment firm can be the best way to successfully land more than just a job; but a career that will provide the challenge, compensation and advancement opportunities you desire.

Why Should You Use a Recruitment Firm?

We sat down with the professional recruiters at CreativeSourcing, one of Chicago’s largest professional sales recruitment firms, to ask that very question. They came up with 5 reasons why it’s sometimes better to partner with a recruiter, than to search strictly on your own:

  1. It is all about relationships. A professional recruiting firm, such as CreativeSourcing, spends years building relationships with the key leaders of the top companies in the country. Over time, we have made connections and have regular contact with human resources professionals that inform us of pending positions that will be opening long before they are official. When you connect with a recruitment firm, they will be able to make sure you are first in line for the career opportunities that best suit your talents.
  2. Old school can still be the best. Many leaders from the top companies in the country still rely on the expertise of a recruitment firm rather than having their HR team seek candidates randomly from online profiles. It comes back to those relationships. Recruiters work with executives to understand the culture and direction of the business. Those company leaders trust in the recruiter’s ability to constantly have their ear to the ground and know of the best business professionals. When a business leader experiences an opening on his or her team (especially an opening for a critical, high management position), the longer it takes to find a great candidate means more disruption and potential profit loss for the company. Therefore, partnering with a recruitment firm is ideal both for the company and the candidate.
  3. Knowledge is key. Recruiters deal with human resource managers in businesses across a wide array of industries. Their daily experience in the business of finding the best fit for each opportunity provides them with invaluable knowledge. When was the last time you were seeking a new job? Chances are a significant amount of time has passed. Partnering with a recruiter means you will have access to the latest in resume format, interview techniques, and compensation negotiation.
  4. Pssst. Unless you are currently unemployed, you will want to keep your search on the down low and recruiters are bound by a level of confidentiality that rivals the law. You can trust that the information you share with your recruiter and the progress of your search will remain confidential and won’t become available for discussion with your current boss until you offer your resignation.
  5. It’s free! Need we say more? The cost of using a recruiter for finding a position is absorbed by the company that hires you. Therefore, you really have no risk.

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