Having an effective sales team is perhaps the most critical component of your start up business. It is through your sales team that you find and nurture your initial customers, gain brand recognition and create word of mouth buzz.

Chicago has become a hotbed of new business and is being recognized for some of the top entrepreneurial efforts in business today.

CreativeSourcing, a leading sales recruitment firm in Chicago, is experienced at building out professional sales teams for startup companies in the Chicago area. During the last few years, we’ve helped recruit and retain key sales professionals for dozens of startup firms. We asked a few of our recruitment professionals to offer some tips for entrepreneurs looking to build or expand their sales team.

Here are a few of their suggestions:

Getting Started – Building a Killer Sales Team

The first step is to recognize that absolutely everyone in your company, and that includes you and your partners, are sales people. Regardless whether business cards say Comptroller or IT Specialist or Research & Development Analyst, the core of each employee’s role should be sales person: a walking advertisement for your business.

Each one of us is a sales person — or should be. We are selling ideas, trust, understanding and buy in. We’re trying to close a deal with investors, board members and potential candidates. Building a team of people comfortable with sales can be the difference between success and oblivion.

This is especially true with a startup organization, as the CEO is often wearing many hats. You want to recruit people who’ll be great ambassadors for your business, your brand and your products.

Seek Buzz-Able Candidates

Candidates for a startup business can be a bit different than those professionals you might seek for an established business. You’re looking for people who will not only close the deal, but also help build your company brand. One of the primary challenges of a startup is knowing who you are, what you do and why your company offers the best solutions.

It’s important to seek candidates that can connect on an emotional level to your brand and have the ability to create buzz around the community, the industry and the web about your business. They can help put your company on the map.

This may be a time when past performance is not the only indicator of ultimate success.

You Can Never Have Too Much Training

As you build your business, you’re also creating a culture and a mission, vision and value for what you stand for within the industry. It is important that you bring on board sales people who understand the overall mission of the company.

Training is more than just providing sales people a script with the features, advantages and benefits of your product line. You’ll want to provide start up and on-going training for all of your employees to help hone their skills.

Additionally, companies who offer training throughout the career of their employees are often viewed as great places to work.  It shows that the company leaders value their employees.

Ask for Help

Asking for help may be the best tool in your toolbox. As a leader of a startup, you have so many critical tasks on your to-do list that spending time culling through resumes may not be the best use of your time. So seek out the assistance of professionals who can work with you to do the research and narrow down the candidates to those who will be the best fit to grow your business.

Take advantage of our years of experience. Let’s work together to build a dynamite sales team for your startup business.

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