Social media has changed the face of just about every industry, including recruiting.

The younger the candidate, the less likely they are to even remember the days of snail mailing resumes in response to classified ads.

As business executives seek the best possible person for their current opportunity, they’ll need to consider how social media can assist in the process. Certainly we’re all familiar with LinkedIn. However, did you know that only 36% of job seekers are actually active on LinkedIn, while 40% are active on Twitter and a whopping 83% are active on Facebook.1

What Changes are Necessary?

The recruiting specialists of CreativeSourcing, Inc., a Sales and Supply Chain Recruitment firm based in Chicago, have been exploring the effectiveness of social media and incorporating a variety of strategies in their recruitment process.


LinkedIn is still a critical component to the social media recruiting process. First, the candidates tend to be more educated and typically hold more responsible positions than other social media venues. Second, the network is set up to encourage interactions and connections.

LinkedIn is a great way to network and also search for those candidates that are well respected. A prospect’s profile is a great place to start; reviewing their connections, recommendations and testimonials speaks to how they are viewed in their industry.

LinkedIn now offers every member the opportunity to write longer articles rather than just status updates. Those professionals sharing their expertise via this new channel help the recruiter to understand their view point and it also lends to the credibility of the candidate.

LinkedIn is also a powerful tool for targeting searches within an industry, geography and specific company position.


Twitter is a real-time social network that allows Human Resources professionals to post openings, share updated company information and ask questions of their community. There are a variety of recruitment and job search tools that have been designed for this mobile-friendly, popular network. Twitter is also not as familiar a social site for recruiters, and therefore your job opening may have more leverage on Twitter than on Facebook or LinkedIn. Additionally, with over a billion users, if the perfect candidate is not on Twitter, their best friend, daughter or neighbor may be and can help spread the word.


Facebook is definitely the most active site for job seekers as well as the global population. Just in sheer numbers your job posting has the opportunity, with a financial marketing strategy behind it, to be in front of a large audience. With 83% of job seekers active on Facebook, your ad is bound to be visible.

The best tip for success on Facebook is to use images and gif, short video snippets, to get the word out. Unlike LinkedIn where a lengthy job description may be most successful, large blocks of content will not be read. Use tools like Meme creators to generate an image that piques the interest of potential candidates. offers simple to use, free tools, to take your images and create an eye catching advertisement. You can also upload a video to IMG Flip and grab six seconds of movement and create a gif which will automatically replay. Use these visual tools to spread the word about your career opportunity on Twitter, Facebook, and more.


Keep in mind that Google+ is also a social network heavily populated by technical and management professionals. The demographics skew more male, however, there is an active and loyal population that could be a gold mine for recruiting. According to the Social Media Strategy Summit research, there are 37% of job seekers actively using this site. Yet, it is the least popular site by recruiters of any social network in existence.

Bottom Line

Times are changing, and where we post opportunities and find the best candidates is as well. If you’re interested in learning more about how social media can be used effectively in your recruiting process, please contact one of the experienced sales recruiters at CreativeSourcing.