LinkedIn is the world’s most recognized and utilized business networking website. Whether you’re a company seeking the perfect candidate or a business professional looking for a new opportunity, LinkedIn should be the “go-to” resource. However, most job seekers fail to understand the full power LinkedIn affords them in their quest for that dream job. Sales recruiting firms provide candidates with specific actions they can take to create their personal brand, reinforce their expertise and build their network.

(1)  Keyword Phrases

When Sales Recruiting firms or Human Resource professionals seek top candidates for their current openings, they use LinkedIn to search for the best candidates exhibiting specific strengths and experience. Job seekers need to clearly understand the keyword phrases that will be searched to find someone with their expertise and then incorporate them into their:

  • LinkedIn headline
  • Summary paragraph
  • Job descriptions
  • Online conversation

Start by searching the keyword phrases surrounded by quotation marks to see whose profile appears on the first page of LinkedIn. Example, if a Chicago recruitment firm (such as this one) was seeking an experienced sales professional in the Chicago Area they might search for:

  • “Sales Representative Chicago”
  • “Business Development Chicago”
  • “Chicago Account Executive”

Search LinkedIn using those keywords to discover who is on the first page and where you are in the mix. If this is your professional experience and yet you are not on the first page of the search results, you need to make adjustments to your LinkedIn profile.

Review those candidates who are on the first page and read through their profile to discover where they use the keyword phrases.

(2) Centers of Influence

It isn’t who you know… it’s who knows you!


Professionals in New York, LA and Chicago understand the power of connections and LinkedIn offers a limitless opportunity for job seekers to connect with potential employers as well as those who might know of upcoming career opportunities. Centers of Influence are those professionals who clearly understand your abilities, your career history and have a wide range of connections to assist you in your efforts.

Use LinkedIn to connect with people who are great connectors. Send personalized invitations (this is MUCH better than just clicking , “Connect”) to those business professionals who are leaders in the industries you seek employment. Suggest a phone call or cup of coffee during which you fully explain your professional strengths and career goals so that they might refer you when they hear of an opening.

Building your professional network on LinkedIn is great for job seekers but also as an ongoing practice to ensure that you build relationships with leaders in your industry.

In the same vein, offer yourself as a center of influence to those just starting out in their careers. LinkedIn is a great way to mentor, give back and pay it forward.

(3) Stealth Research

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for researching a company prior to an interview. However, one of the BEST ways to use the search functions on LinkedIn is to research those companies you have always wanted to work for. Think about the top 5 or 10 companies that you admire:

  • Their growth potential
  • Sales performance
  • Employee compensation package
  • Their products/services

Using the search function on LinkedIn, search for one of the companies and see who, within LinkedIn, you are connected.

Find employees that are in the department you’d want to work for and if you are not already connected, send them a LinkedIn connection request. Personalize the invitation and share what it is that you admire about the company. Suggest a phone call to just “pick their brain” about what it’s like to work there; philosophies, mission, purpose. Create a relationship with professionals already working in the company so that when an opening does occur, you’ll be at at the top of their mind.

Follow the company’s corporate LinkedIn page to learn more about their ongoing business. Join the same LinkedIn groups as leaders within the organization and participate in discussions with them about industry related topics.

Joining in group discussions allows you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge, your point of view and your personality.

The Take Away

Creative Sourcing, Sales Recruiters in Chicago, counsel our job seekers to use the full power of LinkedIn to create a name for themselves. If it’s true that consumers buy from those they like and trust, then the same can be said for employers.

Keep your name in front of your network and potential employers by actively sharing articles, commenting in group discussions, reaching out to those in your network and growing your connections with a strategic plan. Use the keyword phrases Sales Recruiting firms and employers will be searching for, build your network of centers of influence and use LinkedIn to research people and companies within your industry.

If you are seeking employment or have a current position opening, we invite you to connect. Follow our company on LinkedIn and share your tips for using it.

Let us know if you have questions.