Green shoots peek through state’s economic frost

Illinois companies embark on comeback, as Illinois’ growth trails the nation’s

For Cary McMillan, CEO of True Partners Consulting LLC (tax advisory firm), one signal of a strengthening economy in the past year came with a sharp edge: A competing firm offered jobs to about 20 of his staffers and succeeded in luring away about six. “If business was terrible, they would not have come after my people,” he said. He shared the anecdote with good humor but added, “It was not funny at the time.”

Source: (January 2012)At CreativeSourcing, this is an interesting take on how companies find staff for their job openings.  They sometimes go right to the heart and directly approach the people they want to hire rather than use a professional recruitment firm to filter out a candidate. But this tactic has its drawbacks.

  1. Poaching your competitor’s people can portray the wrong image and even get you bad press.  An agency as a 3rd party and can call who they want with no negative consequences reflected on your organization.
  2. We have our hand on the pulse in the Chicago job market. We can save you time in consulting where good talent can be and what people are making in certain companies and verticals.
  3. Without an agency, you have no filtering to match the right candidate specific to the opening.
  4. There’s no support system, no one to call for advice. You are on your own.
  5. It takes a lot of time to manage the job offers and deal with feedback.
  6. You do not establish a relationship with a partner who understands what (and who) you need and can help you grow.

This is where CreativeSourcing come in. If you have a sales or manufacturing job opening, you can submit it through our easy job submission form then we take care of the rest. But why use us versus going it alone?

  1. We are one of the only firms that exclusively recruits for sales candidates in Chicago.
  2. We have been a profitable business since 1996 and have an extensive database of over 20,000 candidates.
  3. We put all of our candidates through a two hour face to face interview before submitting them to your position.
  4. We are able to cold call into your competitors to find the talent that you might not be able to find on your own.
  5. We do what it takes to find the right candidate for your position EVERY TIME!

We are not just blowing our own horn (well, maybe a little, Satchmo), we can actually help your business grow. That’s why we are here. Send us your job opening and be a green shoot…