As the unemployment rate edges 10%, the Nightly Business Report sought out employment professionals to discuss the marketplace. The discussion centered on what employers are looking for in a hire and the hurdles faced by potential candidates.

Employers are being especially prudent when selecting a new employee. The costs incurred hiring a new employee and uncertainty in the future of our economy slows the hiring process. Job openings go on hold or hiring managers wait for the perfect candidate that can make an immediate impact.

Candidates face a marketplace where one job opening can lead to hundreds of resumes submitted.  It results in the company looking for any reason to knock a candidate out of the process. Improper experience, gaps in employment history, extended unemployment, salary expectations and grammatical errors are just a few reasons for an employer to stop the interview process dead in its tracks.

Managing these challenges can be difficult. As a candidate, your time away from work should be used wisely.

  • Make yourself more marketable and valuable by developing your skills through further education.
  • In addition, build your networking skills by attending functions, utilizing Linkedin, contacting old managers and talking to recruiters within your career niche.
  • As an Employer, utilize job sites that are in your specific market category, increase your budget for current employee referrals and utilize a professional agency that understands the employment marketplace and your category.

You can see the edited video here.