A guarantee. According to Webster, an assurance for the fulfillment of a condition. As a headhunter I am often asked by companies to extend our guarantee on candidates to lessen the risk in paying recruiting fees.

In reality, we shouldn’t have to offer any guarantee.  When we decide to recruit on a position the only thing we are guaranteeing is that we will find the most qualified candidate based on the needs of that client.  We do the upfront work in prospecting and finding the best fit, but we can’t guarantee retention. After all, we are talking about human beings here.

I had a sales manager tell me last week that another recruiter offered him a ridiculously low fee and a year long guarantee.  A YEAR LONG guarantee, for a sales person?  Interesting.  Why would they offer such a long guarantee?

“Because they know all they sold ya was a guaranteed piece of s#%*!”

A hilarious movie scene, but more importantly a fantastic lesson!  I’m sure there are all kinds of companies and independent recruiters working out of their basements who offer low fees and guarantees.  But, a year from now when you’re asking for that refund or replacement will those agencies or recruiters still be there to honor that guarantee?  Lowering fees and extending guarantees does not fit a successful recruiting business model.  If you’re able to get a firm to abide by those terms ask yourself why are they willing to do that?

The difference here is value. CreativeSourcing and other great staffing firms, wouldn’t be in business if there wasn’t a value behind our fees and guarantees.  We guarantee we will find the right candidate based on clients needs.  We guarantee we will be there during every step of the recruiting process.   We guarantee we will save our client’s time in the recruiting process.  That is the value and responsibility we take seriously.  As a Hiring Manger, responsibility has to be taken in making the right hire.