On a recent trip I was perusing through one of those in-flight Southwest Airlines magazines and I stumbled across an article about Magic Johnson. I was actually surprised to find out besides being an all star athlete, youth mentor and AIDS survivor, Johnson is actually quite the entrepreneur.

Magic Johnson Enterprises was founded in 1987 and is basically a portfolio of different companies. Interestingly enough one of them is a staffing company, “Magic Workforce Solutions”. In the article Johnson discusses his successes in many arenas and the many challenges along the way.

At one point in the article Johnson quotes, “When selling a service or product, find your competitive advantages and exploit them.”

I thought about how that can apply to what I do in placing sales people and it just hit me! We are in a tough economy right now. God knows you don’t need to read this blog to know that. So, how can this apply to you?

Well for one, if you’re looking for job right now, GET IN LINE. The competition is that much tougher and bottom line, there’s probably someone out there who is just as good or better. If you think your resume looks great, check it again. Interview skills a little rusty? Well you better get some WD40 because the interview stakes have raised and employers aren’t going to hire unless they’re blown away.

Finding a job is a full time job. Its work, time, preparation and a competition in itself. A tough economy isn’t necessarily a time to panic but its certainly a time to step it up and put a little “magic touch” into your job search:

  • Check the WEB! Google yourself, because ALL employers will do their homework on you.
  • FACEBOOK and MYSPACE-even if you think your profile is private, ITS NOT so be aware of how you come across in your college keg party pics!
  • If you have resume that is scented or has your picture on it, DISPOSE immediately.
  • BRAG BOOK-interviews are the one place you can boast so gather all your awards, achievements and other accomplishments and bring them with you to interviews
  • Utilize your network-stay in touch with old colleagues, employers, clients, etc. You never know who might be able to point you in the right direction.
  • And obviously use a talented recruiter who specializes in your industry!

Let us know if we can help you “add a little magic” to your job search.

Maggie Hughes

Senior Sales Recruiter